Ball Mill Design Calculations
(Rod Mill-Ball Mill Circuit) or (SAG Mill-Ball Mill Circuit)
        Model Input     Model Output                    
      Feed rate to mill MTPH     Total work required to produce the product (kwh/short ton)          
      Feed rate to mill STPH     Total kW Required                  
      Feed F80 (μm)     Total Power Required (HP)                
      Product P80 (μm)     Power Required/Ball Mill (HP)                
      Work index Kwh/short ton  
EF3 Diameter efficiency (Table IX & VII) (Review Mill Diameter VS Horse Power)      
            Power required per ball mill (updated), HP            
    Number of Ball Mills   1) Suggested Ball Mill Diameter (1st iteration) Table VII          
              1.5 Suggested L/D Ratio (Table VI)                
      2) Suggested Ball Mill HP (1st iteration) Table VII            
            3) L, Suggested Ball Mill Length (1st iteration) Table VII          
              Ratio: Needed HP/Suggested Ball Mill HP            
              L, Required Ball Mill Length (m)              
    **Select Nearest Mill with 40% Charge                        
        Use Ball Mill meters Long X meter in Diameter Overflow Discharge      
        Using Table VII a Grate Discharge Ball Mill Can by Sized by selecting 1) 2) 3)